WDN – WISE Demografie Netzwerk at a glance

Tackling the challenges of demographic changes the WISE Demographic Network (WISE Demografie Netzwerk) was founded on March 28th 2007 at the World Business Dialogue in Cologne between the WISE research group and the following eight partner companies: Since the foundation following members joined the network: Creating this strategic cooperation our main objective is to encounter the challenges of a steadily growing aging workforce in an integrated approach between interdisciplinary edge-cutting academic research in the fields of psychology, sociology, cognitive neuroscience and business administration and experts from our industrial partners. Together we develop needs-based entity specific as well as applicable solutions to maintain and enhance innovation and productivity thus providing competitive advantages. The WISE Demographic Network has conducted a qualitative analysis of its members’ current status in terms of their demographic fitness. On the basis of a tailored focus group guideline, we identified the major fields of action of each member company. The analysis and comparison of the data of all member companies provided a solid basis for deriving various potential research strands. We have focused on three major issues that are of interest to all organizations: (1) Mechanisms, requirements, and obstacles of workplace learning; (2) Employee organization amenable to achieving successful knowledge transfer (Teams) and (3) Age-differentiated application of HR practices (Talent Management). If you are interested in a WDN membership or would like to know more, please contact us.